ButterBall Turkey Fryer

Butterball Turkey Fryer

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Product Description

Do you love the taste of deep fried turkey? Then this may be the most amazing appliance you’ve ever owned! The Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer was created by teams from Butterball and Masterbuilt. This wonderful kitchen appliance measures only 16”x14”x14” but does the jobs of several larger appliances. The Butterball Turkey Fryer can be used to fry turkeys (of course), donuts, french fries, onion rings and much, much more. It can also be used to steam or broil fish, chicken and a large variety of vegetables.

The Butterball Turkey Fryer does not use an open flame as most outdoor turkey fryers do so it’s much safer. It uses a submerged electric element and dual heating thermostats to ensure that your turkey is cooked to perfection! With the Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer you can cook a turkey as large as 14 pounds in about an hour. The Butterball Turkey Fryer is easy to use and requires only two gallons of cooking oil. Watch the video to see how easy it can be to enjoy the delicious taste of deep fried Butterball turkey.

The Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer includes:

  • Digital timer
  • Power/ready indicator lights
  • Adjustable thermostat control
  • Fold away lid with viewing window
  • Cooking basket with drain clip
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Porcelain coated inner pot
  • Drain valve for easy cleaning

Plus, these FREE bonus items with every purchase:

  • $5.00 off Butterball Turkey coupon
  • Butterball carving gloves
  • 3 piece set of vacuum sealed lids
  • 2 carving prep sheets
  • Instructional DVD
  • $250.00 Savings toward future products

Enjoy the great taste of deep fried turkey, and so much more, all year long! Order your Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer today!

Customer Service

Refer to our Customer Service page for a list of contact numbers. Please note that Customer Service is not for ordering. If you have issues with this product, please contact Customer Service within the 30 day warranty period.

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